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Silver Mountain Water
Silver Mountain Wate... 12/10/2014

I'm starting to detect an alarming trend with Creed fragrances. It's like the unmistakable hype pushes all expectations of the substance beyond achievable limits. I should be raving about Silver Mountain Water but I'm just not. I like it but that's about all I can really say (I won't because that wouldn't make for much of a review). So

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Absinth - Nasomatto 22/08/2014

Initially I felt let down with Nasomatto's Absinth. Like, head in my hands let down. And at the time I was thankful I had only purchased a sample as if I'd paid £100.00 for a bottle, I would have probably fallen off my perch. But read on, as after I shunned it completely, I couldn't stop thinking about it; I wanted more. I shouldn't have been

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Odou - Smell & Perfu... 24/07/2014

I love to be inspired. As I sit here at my new desk, in my new home, I only have to turn my head a fraction to be greeted with a view that leaves me utterly speechless. This photo does it little justice but you catch my drift. I actively seek inspirational media on a daily basis because, as company director in control of my own destiny

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bulls blood
Bull’s Blood – Imaginary Authors 06/07/2014

I’m feeling a little anxious. But I’m going to try and remain open minded about Imaginary Author’s Bull’s Blood. It’s potent, like spicy cinnamon? I would go as far as to say it’s unpleasant and offensive from the word “go”. But to avoid confrontation, I bite my tongue, shut up and just listen (well, smell)…stay…

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