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The Soft Lawn - Imag... 28/06/2014

In my valiant quest to discover a perfume that smells like freshly cut grass, a recommendation to try The Soft Lawn by Imaginary Authors got my eager nose twitching. Much to my delight, this was the first I'd heard of Imaginary Authors and I quote "Imaginary Authors is born from the concept of scent as art and art as provocation". Oh I say...

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The Sexiest Scent on... 21/06/2014

When the Candy Perfume Boy tells you a perfume could bring out cannibalistic inclinations, it's probably worth sinking your teeth into (see what I just did there). So here's how you go about doing just that. Step One Wantonly order a sample of The Sexiest Scent on the Planet. Ever. (IMHO) from Roullier White. The sample arrived the next d

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Angélique Review - ... 17/06/2014

Both Anubis and Tobacco Rose of Papillon Perfumery had an intensely immersive effect on me and Angélique is certainly no exception to the rule. It starts with a hazy Iris note which conjures a fragrant confectionery substance, like a sugar dusted truffle with a sweet liqueur center. I'm instantly overwhelmed by a dangerous feeling of temptati

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Gucci by Gucci Pour Homme 12/06/2014

Established in 2008, Gucci by Gucci Pour Homme kicks off with a well-balanced and interesting blend of tobacco and cypress. This fragrance has a subtly crisp, calming and sexy aroma; life just seems to flow better when I wear it. It’s masculine and sensual with an interesting warmth about it. Although it’s not the most natural…

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