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Ryder - Scooshy
Ryder - Ex Idolo 21/07/2015

Ryder... A FRAGRANCE INSPIRED BY THE HISTORY OF MAYFAIR AND ST JAMES "Matthew Zhuk, creative lead and curator for Ex Idolo fragrances, celebrates both majestic natural forces which come together to bring perfume into our lives; the unhurried process of the natural formation of the precious resins, locked inside living vessels until their discov

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Oud & Bergamot
Oud & Bergamot - Jo ... 10/05/2015

One of the many benefits of living in Brighton has to be the Jo Malone store on Dukes Lane. Quintessentially British, Jo Malone boasts an iconic fragrance collection, among other luxury lifestyle products. Every time I visit the Jo Malone store I'm greeted with warmth and passion by people who generally want to help (it's not a pushy sales e

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A*Men Pure Havane Thierry Mugler
A*Men Pure Havane - ... 10/04/2015

Rarely will a fragrance have me hooked on the first sniff. But when this happens, I simply can't get it off my mind. And if I'm still pondering it after a month or so... I buy it, quite simply. This happened with A *Men Pure Havane (2011). We have Thierry Mugler, a French design house and a perfumery prodigy of the modern age, to thank

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Silver Mountain Water
Silver Mountain Water – Creed 12/10/2014

I’m starting to detect an alarming trend with Creed fragrances. It’s like the unmistakable hype pushes all expectations of the substance beyond achievable limits. I should be raving about Silver Mountain Water but I’m just not. I like it but that’s about all I can really say (I won’t because that wouldn’t make for much…

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